VANDA_project is an artist led initiative set up to explore collaborative ventures.

ABSC_ND is the first of these collaborations and takes the form of an independent publishing platform. Dedicted to the diverse practices of artists, writers and multi-disciplinarians, all pushing the boundaries of theme.   

THEME is the backbone of ABSC_ND, hinging  the contents together ... but to be viewed as a starting point only,  de_constructing, re_inventing or challenging the theme is very much welcome, free interpretation in its widest possible sense applies.  Contributors may choose to respond to the theme or submit existing work in relation to the theme.  Please include a brief statement when submitting work.

Themes can be added to the THEME_BANK by submitting the form on the relevant page, the theme bank is also open to non-artist contributors.

For submissions e-mail Victoria Coster : vandaproject@yahoo.com